Our full service heavy timber operation provides custom sawed long and wide timbers as well as long and wide boards.  If you are interested in a timber frame structure, replacement timbers or long and wide boards, we can help. Our timber frame shop produces timber frame kits and long and wide timber products to meet your specifications and expectations.  If you need a long and / or wide timber give us a call.  When we receive your order for the timber frame kit or timber product, we'll specify the logs(s) needed for the job, work with the registered foresters to get the log(s) harvested and sent to our shop.  From there, we'll saw and prepare the timber product to meet your specifications - size, length, width and joinery as needed.  In addition, our timber shop offers planer services and features a 24 inch stationary planer for wide jobs. We also have large power hand planers for timber and live edge planing.

Timber Frame Kits



We believe we offer the best colonial reproduction timber frame kits available.  We have 3 Timber Frame Kit package options to choose from:


Option 1:

We supply all rough sawn timbers to nominal lengths, precisely sawed and ready for your joinery.  We supply complete timber frame plan drawings to include elevations, front, side and isometric views as well as individual timber member drawings with specific joinery details and dimensions.  General assembly scheme.  All oak pegs.

Option 2:

As above, but with precisely cut joinery and prefit at our shop, to be delivered to your building site, ready for assembly.

Option 3:

Option 2 plus all rough sawn, edged, dimensioned lumber for constructing the shell around your timber frame - Construct the shell, insulate with spray foam and you have a nice, low cost alternative to SIPs panels.


Custom Ripping, Planing and Moulding


We offer custom planing up to 24 inches with our powermatic planer.  

In addition to the custom planing we offer custom mouldings up to 2 inches x 4 inches featuring our Smithway XL machines push feed machines.  If you have some stock, we can rip it with our 2 blade edger and plane it or turn it into moulding.  We work with a moulding knife company that can replicate mouldings... so, bring us your project!


We also offer beam planing with our makita industrial electric hand planers.  These planers do great job with beams and we use them often with our timber frame business.


Custom Long and Wide Sawing for Boards, Beams, Planks, Rafters and replacement sills

We are very excited to report that we've received our new sawmill to support our business.  We've gained recognition within the state as having one of the longest sawing capacities.  Our new sawmill will sacrifice our sawing length capacity from the current 50 feet down to 33 feet; but the sacrifices end there.  We will be able to hold tighter sawing tolerances and produce a more high quality timbers, beams, planks, rafters, replacement sills or boards.  Bring us an order and we'll show you what we can do!

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