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Handcrafted Timber Frame kits  for Homes, Barns and Home Additions, Timber Frame Joinery Solutions as well as Long and Wide Beams and boards up to 32'.  Millwork and Custom Moldings, Custom 4 side planing and Timber Beam planing for Colonial Reproductions supporting the General Contractor and DIY 'er customers.

Timber Frame Kits - handcrafted by the Master Craftsmen at 

R. Jemithan Timber Frame Company

'the MaineTimberframer'

221 Jo Joy Road, Limington, Maine 04049


We believe in and fully support sustainable forestry practices.  We work with Registered Foresters and Loggers to acquire ethically harvested logs for our timber frame projects.  We manage your timber frame kit project from start to finish.  From the log harvest, we receive the logs and saw the logs into timbers with our own sawmill achieve the highest strength in the log and the best log yield.  Our comittment to sustainability includes utilizing every part of the logs we saw - We saw and palletize residual slab wood for economically priced firewood and we capture the virgin sawdust for use for animal bedding for local farmers and animal keepers.

We cut the timber joinery with hand tools (some electric) and maintain traditional joinery practices.  Our joinery and timber frames have the look and feel of traditional timber frames from colonial times.  We do use high tech, 3D CAD modeling to ensure the timber designs fit together perfectly on paper - but then, we use our craftmanship to turn the design into a handcrafted timber frame you'll be proud to own.  You'll also be proud knowing that your timber frame project came from ethically and sustainable forestry practices and was crafted in the old timber frame tradition by Maine Master Craftsmen who take pride in their work.

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